Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hell or High Water

Hard act to follow: the day after Obamamania hit its peak, former Prime Minister Paul Martin hits town! Martin seems to have either bad luck or bad timing, given the disaster of becoming Prime Minister just as the infamous sponsorship scandal hit Ottawa. Today Martin is at the University of Alberta, speaking at their continuing series of conversations with all the living Prime Ministers. The event is at the Myer Horowitz theatre on campus, at the irritatingly early hour of 6:30 pm (don't academics eat dinner?). These conversations have been unfailingly interesting, so I recommend attending despite the awkward time! Mulroney and Harper are the last two, coming up later this fall.

Martin's memoir, Hell or High Water: My Life In and Out of Politics is just out this week. Rex Murphy grumbled about it in the Globe and Lorne Gunter in the Journal.


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